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8 March 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs

8  March 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs
When you’re ready to quit, that’s when you can make the biggest difference by pressing on. When you feel like giving up, you’re closer to a breakthrough than ever before.
How do you find the strength to keep going? You don’t worry about finding strength, just take one step after another.
Feel weariness as you choose to transform it into new energy. Feel discouragement as you choose to make it into fresh enthusiasm.You can persist, because the reward for doing so is great. You’ve pushed yourself this far and you can use that same kind of push to keep yourself going.
Achievement is hard work, and you’ve already done a great deal of it. Now, as the payoff nears, keep going and do the rest.
Feel new determination as it floods into your awareness. You’ve already earned great value, so keep at it and claim your reward.
8  March 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs 

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